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Quick-Start Guide

This guide leads you through the bare minimum of information you need to know to run CurveExpert successfully.

  1. Load data into CurveExpert. In this quickstart, we will simply read a sample text file supplied with CurveExpert. Choose File|Open (see Opening Data Files) , and double click the file BEANROOT.DAT. When the File Import (see Importing Data Files) dialog appears, simply click OK.
  2. Perform all curve fits in CurveExpert’s library. In most cases, you can select a particular model from the Apply Fit menu, but in this demo, well will just calculate them all. Choose Tools|CurveFinder (see Using CurveFinder), and then press OK in the following dialog.
  3. Examine the curve fit information. A graph (see Graphing) for the Weibull model should now be displayed on your screen. Right click anywhere on the graph and select Information (see Model Information). Browse through the tabs as desired, and press Close when finished.
  4. Export a table. Again right click anywhere on the graph and select Generate Table (see Creating a Table). Navigate to a folder that you have permission to write a file to, and also type in the filename “”, and set the minimum to 0, maximum to 2, and the increment to 0.01. Click OK. This will generate a text file with the Weibull model evaluated within the range just given.

At this point, you can go back to the main window and double click any curve fit listed in the ranking, which is in the top right area of the main window. Double clicking these entries will display a graph for that model with the data, and you can perform similar operations to examine the coefficients, analyze the curve, or generate more tables, among other things.


  • Over 35 built-in regression models to choose from, along with over 15 additional models provided as user-defined models
  • User-defined models allow you to input, design, and manage your own regression functions with up to 19 parameters
  • Toolbox of fitting techniques includes linear/nonlinear regression and many types of interpolation/spline fitting.
  • Uses the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for quick and robust nonlinear regression performance.
  • Support for uncertainties in each data point
  • Unlimited number of data points.
  • As curve fits are applied, a ranking chart keeps track of the best to the worst models
  • CurveFinder examines every possible regression model for your data set and returns the best one
  • Full-featured graphing capability with customizable, dynamic graphs gives immediate feedback on curve fit quality
  • User has the ability to terminate a computation at any time
  • Customizable plots can be copied directly to the clipboard for use in another Windows application
  • Easy to use point-and-click interface
  • Reads simple ASCII data files and can ignore comments or text in the file; file import features enable the reading of a wide variety of files
  • Data set can be scaled, translated, sorted, the outliers removed, or edited by hand similarly to a spreadsheet
  • Analysis tools allow the location of exact points on the curve fit as well as differentiation and integration of any model.
  • Full featured toolbar and status bar increase your productivity

CurveExpert is Shareware

If you intend to keep this program, please register it so that I can continue development and support of this program. Registration is quick, easy, and inexpensive – the fee is only $45.00.

See for more information on the platforms supported by CurveExpert. High school or college students are eligible for a student discount; simply include a copy of your university or high school ID. Send your registration today! You may also read over the benefits of registering section for extra information on registering. If you have already registered, I extend a warm welcome and thank you. If you have any suggestions, or there is any regression model that you would like to see added to the repertoire, please send me mail or e-mail right away. I will gladly to listen to your comments. Development of this software has taken countless hours of study, programming, and debugging. Please support the shareware concept and register the software if you intend to keep and use it! The future of this product depends on the response that I receive from you, the user. If you would like for this project to continue and grow, please send suggestions and register, if you use this program.