CurveExpert Basic 2.2.3 documentation


You can use a subset of TeX markup in any label by placing it inside a pair of dollar signs ($). This capability allows you to typeset quite complex mathematical expressions within any text label on any plot. Regular text and math text can be freely intermixed. For example:

Surface Area $m^2$

renders as “$\textrm{Surface Area}\ m^2$”.


To make it easy to display monetary values such as $100.00, if a single dollar sign is present in the entire string, it will be displayed as a dollar sign.

Greek letters and a large number of symbols are supported.

Subscripts and superscripts

To make subscripts and superscripts, use the '_' and '^' symbols:

$\alpha_i > \beta_i$

\alpha_i > \beta_i

Some symbols automatically put their sub/superscripts under and over the operator. For example, to write the sum of x_i from 0 to \infty, you could do:

$\sum_{i=0}^\infty x_i$

\sum_{i=0}^\infty x_i

Fractions, binomials and stacked numbers

Fractions, binomials and stacked numbers can be created with the \frac{}{}, \binom{}{} and \stackrel{}{} commands, respectively:

$\frac{3}{4} \binom{3}{4} \stackrel{3}{4}$


\frac{3}{4} \binom{3}{4} \stackrel{3}{4}

Fractions can be arbitrarily nested:

$\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4}$


\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4}

Note that special care needs to be taken to place parentheses and brackets around fractions. Doing things the obvious way produces brackets that are too small:

$(\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4})$

(\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4})

The solution is to precede the bracket with \left and \right to inform the parser that those brackets encompass the entire object:

$\left(\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4}\right)$

\left(\frac{5 - \frac{1}{x}}{4}\right)


Radicals can be produced with the \sqrt[]{} command. For example:



Any base can (optionally) be provided inside square brackets. Note that the base must be a simple expression, and cannot contain layout commands such as fractions or sub/superscripts:



Inline Fonts

The default font is italics for mathematical symbols.

To change fonts, eg, to write “sin” in a Roman font, enclose the text in a font command:

$s(t) = \mathcal{A}\mathrm{sin}(2 \omega t)$

s(t) = \mathcal{A}\mathrm{sin}(2 \omega t)

More conveniently, many commonly used function names that are typeset in a Roman font have shortcuts. So the expression above could be written as follows:

$s(t) = \mathcal{A}\sin(2 \omega t)$

s(t) = \mathcal{A}\sin(2 \omega t)

Here “s” and “t” are variable in italics font (default), “sin” is in Roman font, and the amplitude “A” is in calligraphy font. Note in the example above the calligraphy A is extremely close to the sin. You can use a spacing command to add a little whitespace between them:

s(t) = \mathcal{A}\/\sin(2 \omega t)

s(t) = \mathcal{A}\/\sin(2 \omega t)

The choices available with all fonts are:











Global Fonts

In CurveExpert Basic, there are three choices for the global font to use for math symbols: Computer Modern, STIX Serif, and STIX Sans Serif. To select one of these fonts, choose Edit->Preferences->Graphing->Global mathtext font.

The look of each font slightly different, with the Computer Modern font resembling the traditional TeX typsetting most closely, STIX Serif meant to blend with Serif-style fonts (such as Times New Roman), and STIX Sans Serif being a mathematical font without any serifs at all.


An accent command may precede any symbol to add an accent above it. There are long and short forms for some of them.



\acute a or \'a

\acute a

\bar a

\bar a

\breve a

\breve a

\ddot a or \"a

\ddot a

\dot a or \.a

\dot a

\grave a or \`a

\grave a

\hat a or \^a

\hat a

\tilde a or \~a

\tilde a

\vec a

\vec a

In addition, there are two special accents that automatically adjust to the width of the symbols below:







Care should be taken when putting accents on lower-case i’s and j’s. Note that in the following \imath is used to avoid the extra dot over the i:

r"$\hat i\ \ \hat \imath$"

\hat i\ \ \hat \imath


Other symbols available in math typesetting are listed below.

Lower-case Greek

\alpha \alpha

\beta \beta

\chi \chi

\delta \delta

\digamma \digamma

\epsilon \epsilon

\eta \eta

\gamma \gamma

\iota \iota

\kappa \kappa

\lambda \lambda

\mu \mu

\nu \nu

\omega \omega

\phi \phi

\pi \pi

\psi \psi

\rho \rho

\sigma \sigma

\tau \tau

\theta \theta

\upsilon \upsilon

\varepsilon \varepsilon

\varkappa \varkappa

\varphi \varphi

\varpi \varpi

\varrho \varrho

\varsigma \varsigma

\vartheta \vartheta

\xi \xi

\zeta \zeta

Upper-case Greek

\Delta \Delta

\Gamma \Gamma

\Lambda \Lambda

\Omega \Omega

\Phi \Phi

\Pi \Pi

\Psi \Psi

\Sigma \Sigma

\Theta \Theta

\Upsilon \Upsilon

\Xi \Xi

\mho \mho

\nabla \nabla


\aleph \aleph

\beth \beth

\daleth \daleth

\gimel \gimel


/ /

[ [

\Downarrow \Downarrow

\Uparrow \Uparrow

\Vert \Vert

\backslash \backslash

\downarrow \downarrow

\langle \langle

\lceil \lceil

\lfloor \lfloor

\llcorner \llcorner

\lrcorner \lrcorner

\rangle \rangle

\rceil \rceil

\rfloor \rfloor

\ulcorner \ulcorner

\uparrow \uparrow

\urcorner \urcorner

\vert \vert

\{ \{

\| \|

\} \}

] ]

| |

Big symbols

\bigcap \bigcap

\bigcup \bigcup

\bigodot \bigodot

\bigoplus \bigoplus

\bigotimes \bigotimes

\biguplus \biguplus

\bigvee \bigvee

\bigwedge \bigwedge

\coprod \coprod

\int \int

\oint \oint

\prod \prod

\sum \sum

Standard function names

\Pr \Pr

\arccos \arccos

\arcsin \arcsin

\arctan \arctan

\arg \arg

\cos \cos

\cosh \cosh

\cot \cot

\coth \coth

\csc \csc

\deg \deg

\det \det

\dim \dim

\exp \exp

\gcd \gcd

\hom \hom

\inf \inf

\ker \ker

\lg \lg

\lim \lim

\liminf \liminf

\limsup \limsup

\ln \ln

\log \log

\max \max

\min \min

\sec \sec

\sin \sin

\sinh \sinh

\sup \sup

\tan \tan

\tanh \tanh

Binary operation and relation symbols

\Bumpeq \Bumpeq

\Cap \Cap

\Cup \Cup

\Doteq \Doteq

\Join \Join

\Subset \Subset

\Supset \Supset

\Vdash \Vdash

\Vvdash \Vvdash

\approx \approx

\approxeq \approxeq

\ast \ast

\asymp \asymp

\backepsilon \backepsilon

\backsim \backsim

\backsimeq \backsimeq

\barwedge \barwedge

\because \because

\between \between

\bigcirc \bigcirc

\bigtriangledown \bigtriangledown

\bigtriangleup \bigtriangleup

\blacktriangleleft \blacktriangleleft

\blacktriangleright \blacktriangleright

\bot \bot

\bowtie \bowtie

\boxdot \boxdot

\boxminus \boxminus

\boxplus \boxplus

\boxtimes \boxtimes

\bullet \bullet

\bumpeq \bumpeq

\cap \cap

\cdot \cdot

\circ \circ

\circeq \circeq

\coloneq \coloneq

\cong \cong

\cup \cup

\curlyeqprec \curlyeqprec

\curlyeqsucc \curlyeqsucc

\curlyvee \curlyvee

\curlywedge \curlywedge

\dag \dag

\dashv \dashv

\ddag \ddag

\diamond \diamond

\div \div

\divideontimes \divideontimes

\doteq \doteq

\doteqdot \doteqdot

\dotplus \dotplus

\doublebarwedge \doublebarwedge

\eqcirc \eqcirc

\eqcolon \eqcolon

\eqsim \eqsim

\eqslantgtr \eqslantgtr

\eqslantless \eqslantless

\equiv \equiv

\fallingdotseq \fallingdotseq

\frown \frown

\geq \geq

\geqq \geqq

\geqslant \geqslant

\gg \gg

\ggg \ggg

\gnapprox \gnapprox

\gneqq \gneqq

\gnsim \gnsim

\gtrapprox \gtrapprox

\gtrdot \gtrdot

\gtreqless \gtreqless

\gtreqqless \gtreqqless

\gtrless \gtrless

\gtrsim \gtrsim

\in \in

\intercal \intercal

\leftthreetimes \leftthreetimes

\leq \leq

\leqq \leqq

\leqslant \leqslant

\lessapprox \lessapprox

\lessdot \lessdot

\lesseqgtr \lesseqgtr

\lesseqqgtr \lesseqqgtr

\lessgtr \lessgtr

\lesssim \lesssim

\ll \ll

\lll \lll

\lnapprox \lnapprox

\lneqq \lneqq

\lnsim \lnsim

\ltimes \ltimes

\mid \mid

\models \models

\mp \mp

\nVDash \nVDash

\nVdash \nVdash

\napprox \napprox

\ncong \ncong

\ne \ne

\neq \neq

\neq \neq

\nequiv \nequiv

\ngeq \ngeq

\ngtr \ngtr

\ni \ni

\nleq \nleq

\nless \nless

\nmid \nmid

\notin \notin

\nparallel \nparallel

\nprec \nprec

\nsim \nsim

\nsubset \nsubset

\nsubseteq \nsubseteq

\nsucc \nsucc

\nsupset \nsupset

\nsupseteq \nsupseteq

\ntriangleleft \ntriangleleft

\ntrianglelefteq \ntrianglelefteq

\ntriangleright \ntriangleright

\ntrianglerighteq \ntrianglerighteq

\nvDash \nvDash

\nvdash \nvdash

\odot \odot

\ominus \ominus

\oplus \oplus

\oslash \oslash

\otimes \otimes

\parallel \parallel

\perp \perp

\pitchfork \pitchfork

\pm \pm

\prec \prec

\precapprox \precapprox

\preccurlyeq \preccurlyeq

\preceq \preceq

\precnapprox \precnapprox

\precnsim \precnsim

\precsim \precsim

\propto \propto

\rightthreetimes \rightthreetimes

\risingdotseq \risingdotseq

\rtimes \rtimes

\sim \sim

\simeq \simeq

\slash \slash

\smile \smile

\sqcap \sqcap

\sqcup \sqcup

\sqsubset \sqsubset

\sqsubset \sqsubset

\sqsubseteq \sqsubseteq

\sqsupset \sqsupset

\sqsupset \sqsupset

\sqsupseteq \sqsupseteq

\star \star

\subset \subset

\subseteq \subseteq

\subseteqq \subseteqq

\subsetneq \subsetneq

\subsetneqq \subsetneqq

\succ \succ

\succapprox \succapprox

\succcurlyeq \succcurlyeq

\succeq \succeq

\succnapprox \succnapprox

\succnsim \succnsim

\succsim \succsim

\supset \supset

\supseteq \supseteq

\supseteqq \supseteqq

\supsetneq \supsetneq

\supsetneqq \supsetneqq

\therefore \therefore

\times \times

\top \top

\triangleleft \triangleleft

\trianglelefteq \trianglelefteq

\triangleq \triangleq

\triangleright \triangleright

\trianglerighteq \trianglerighteq

\uplus \uplus

\vDash \vDash

\varpropto \varpropto

\vartriangleleft \vartriangleleft

\vartriangleright \vartriangleright

\vdash \vdash

\vee \vee

\veebar \veebar

\wedge \wedge

\wr \wr

Arrow symbols

\Downarrow \Downarrow

\Leftarrow \Leftarrow

\Leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow

\Lleftarrow \Lleftarrow

\Longleftarrow \Longleftarrow

\Longleftrightarrow \Longleftrightarrow

\Longrightarrow \Longrightarrow

\Lsh \Lsh

\Nearrow \Nearrow

\Nwarrow \Nwarrow

\Rightarrow \Rightarrow

\Rrightarrow \Rrightarrow

\Rsh \Rsh

\Searrow \Searrow

\Swarrow \Swarrow

\Uparrow \Uparrow

\Updownarrow \Updownarrow

\circlearrowleft \circlearrowleft

\circlearrowright \circlearrowright

\curvearrowleft \curvearrowleft

\curvearrowright \curvearrowright

\dashleftarrow \dashleftarrow

\dashrightarrow \dashrightarrow

\downarrow \downarrow

\downdownarrows \downdownarrows

\downharpoonleft \downharpoonleft

\downharpoonright \downharpoonright

\hookleftarrow \hookleftarrow

\hookrightarrow \hookrightarrow

\leadsto \leadsto

\leftarrow \leftarrow

\leftarrowtail \leftarrowtail

\leftharpoondown \leftharpoondown

\leftharpoonup \leftharpoonup

\leftleftarrows \leftleftarrows

\leftrightarrow \leftrightarrow

\leftrightarrows \leftrightarrows

\leftrightharpoons \leftrightharpoons

\leftrightsquigarrow \leftrightsquigarrow

\leftsquigarrow \leftsquigarrow

\longleftarrow \longleftarrow

\longleftrightarrow \longleftrightarrow

\longmapsto \longmapsto

\longrightarrow \longrightarrow

\looparrowleft \looparrowleft

\looparrowright \looparrowright

\mapsto \mapsto

\multimap \multimap

\nLeftarrow \nLeftarrow

\nLeftrightarrow \nLeftrightarrow

\nRightarrow \nRightarrow

\nearrow \nearrow

\nleftarrow \nleftarrow

\nleftrightarrow \nleftrightarrow

\nrightarrow \nrightarrow

\nwarrow \nwarrow

\rightarrow \rightarrow

\rightarrowtail \rightarrowtail

\rightharpoondown \rightharpoondown

\rightharpoonup \rightharpoonup

\rightleftarrows \rightleftarrows

\rightleftarrows \rightleftarrows

\rightleftharpoons \rightleftharpoons

\rightleftharpoons \rightleftharpoons

\rightrightarrows \rightrightarrows

\rightrightarrows \rightrightarrows

\rightsquigarrow \rightsquigarrow

\searrow \searrow

\swarrow \swarrow

\to \to

\twoheadleftarrow \twoheadleftarrow

\twoheadrightarrow \twoheadrightarrow

\uparrow \uparrow

\updownarrow \updownarrow

\updownarrow \updownarrow

\upharpoonleft \upharpoonleft

\upharpoonright \upharpoonright

\upuparrows \upuparrows

Miscellaneous symbols

\$ \$


\Finv \Finv

\Game \Game

\Im \Im

\P \P

\Re \Re

\S \S

\angle \angle

\backprime \backprime

\bigstar \bigstar

\blacksquare \blacksquare

\blacktriangle \blacktriangle

\blacktriangledown \blacktriangledown

\cdots \cdots

\checkmark \checkmark

\circledR \circledR

\circledS \circledS

\clubsuit \clubsuit

\complement \complement

\copyright \copyright

\ddots \ddots

\diamondsuit \diamondsuit

\ell \ell

\emptyset \emptyset

\eth \eth

\exists \exists

\flat \flat

\forall \forall

\hbar \hbar

\heartsuit \heartsuit

\hslash \hslash

\iiint \iiint

\iint \iint

\iint \iint

\imath \imath

\infty \infty

\jmath \jmath

\ldots \ldots

\measuredangle \measuredangle

\natural \natural

\neg \neg

\nexists \nexists

\oiiint \oiiint

\partial \partial

\prime \prime

\sharp \sharp

\spadesuit \spadesuit

\sphericalangle \sphericalangle

\ss \ss

\triangledown \triangledown

\varnothing \varnothing

\vartriangle \vartriangle

\vdots \vdots

\wp \wp

\yen \yen