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Contacting the AuthorΒΆ

If you have any questions at all about the use of CurveExpert, or need technical support, feel free to contact the author at the contact points listed below. Also, suggestions for the improvement of this program are always welcome! Also, be sure to read over the Benefits of Registering. Care has been taken to test CurveExpert 1.4 thoroughly, but as we know, bugs may still slip through this process. If you have a problem using this program, experience a bug in the program, or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact me at the address below. For a bug report, the resolution of the problem will be facilitated greatly by sending me a debug report from CurveExpert.

Daniel Hyams attn : CurveExpert 1.4 1698 Chadwick Court Hixson, TN 37343 (423) 843-1861